Leading Change

If you want to stop 'managing change' and start leading it.
If you want to lead not only your team and company, but your 
entire industry, 
you have found the guys and girls who have made change 
their core business since they were in first grade.
Transforming, innovating and improving company cultures 
is what we have specialized in.
Why ?
Because we know from experience - just like you know, 
from experience - it is company culture 
that makes all the difference.

You can lead change, instead of keeping up or falling behind.

It is our mission to help leaders realize more than the 
20 - 30 % of leadership potential now used. 

We help you develop a mind- and skillset - personal'software'- 
that no elite business school or 
- consultancy firm can teach or is teaching you. 

It is a mind- and skillset that digs deeper and lasts longer : 
not for everybody.

Welcome to resilience. 
Welcome to Choho & Company. 
Welcome to secure change and lasting impact. 

Esma Choho
Founder and CEO Choho & Company

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