About Choho & Company

We work
with executives and leaders that know or want to know that leading a high value company demands  an extraordinary company culture.

We believe
most executives and leaders use only 20 – 30 % of their leadership potential and therefore only 20 – 30 % (or less) of the company potential. We believe that the other 70 – 80 % needs to be realized to deliver high(er) value to all stakeholders to all profit from it. We want to help you get out of your comfort zone by working with us, professional outsiders, and realize the highest value possible for yourself, your company and generations to come.

We have
changed cultures since we were children with leading results & impact. Founder and top expert Esma Choho has been asked to consult companies and countries on strategic change and change of culture in 9 industries, 21 countries and 3 continents since she was nineteen. Choho over the years learned (the hard way) that a change of company culture is most likely to fail if political and psychological motives are not made clear. We are the only ones in the worldwide culture change industry who help make motives as clear as to deliver a minimum of 20 % improvement within one year.

We can
help you because we have leading knowledge and result oriented focus.

We have
been changing cultures since we were children : change and change of culture has been our passion and purpose in life since we were 4 or 5 years old. (We look forward to sharing these stories with you.) We know why people hold on to habits that don’t work, we know how great strategies will not be implemented, we know that your executive or manager in China needs different incentives than the one in Brazil. We have contributed to solutions that are used in many countries and industries resulting in millions and billions of revenue – for more stakeholders. We help our clients create high value for more stakeholders, co-creating extraordinary results.

Creating a culture of high value for more stakeholders resulting in highly valued leadership has been our only focus, our core business for over twenty years.

We want
leading executives and leaders in the world to experience that their leadership has helped solve the top 5 problems of this world. We know that you are in a unique position to inspire not only your company or industry, but everyone who wants to be like you(r company).

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