Esma Choho received and receives invitations to comment on (change of company) culture by various media.

_”Sharp mind, charming, independent, very clear.”_
BBC World

_”If you want to understand people, also nonwestern people, talk to Esma.”_
Al Jazeera English

_”Humor combined with wisdom and female charm. Watch out.”_
Dutch Globalization Lecture – VPRO

Choho & Company works for FT Top 500 companies, top executives, politicians and celebrities, whose privacy we wish to respect.

Esma appears regularly in various media.
We try to keep this page up to date.
Latest news on our twitter account @chohocultures.

BNR Nieuwsradio **Weg met consultants!**, 01-2014 (Dutch)

Het Financieele Dagblad **Cultuurverandering**, 12-2014 (Dutch)

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**I am 40 and really start a new phase**, 05-2011 (Dutch)

**I am 40 and really start a new phase** Complete section, 05-2011 (Dutch)

**Think different, Do differently** OptiekDebat, 04-2011 (Dutch)

**Think different, Do differently** Complete section, 04-2011 (Dutch)

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**favorite book**, 03-2011 (Dutch)

**Rules and regulations because we think it is necessary**, 02-2011 (Dutch)

Intermediair **Esma Choho about career choices**, 09-2010 (Dutch)

Al Jazeera **Esma Choho explains how to understand Geert Wilders**, 06-2010 (English)

Soeterbeeck **Talkshow van de RKK**, 08-2008 (Dutch)

NRC Handelsblad **Recensie van Moslim Unlimited**, 08-2007

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