The Two Missing Links

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Putin’s sensitivity

Russian leader Putin keeps showing us how he leads. In short, he wants things his way and he seems insensitive about what other leaders (or people) think or want.

Putin’s leadership style has been alive since the beginning of time and has not, despite all science and evolotion, been updated. He is not alone, the world has hundreds of leaders like him.

The authoritarian style seems passé in the West, but many countries and corporates still use it.

How come ?


Transportation and logistics forever ? A top executive in the transportation- and logistics industry told me that he knows his industry has not been updated for years, the company he leads seemed a company made to last forever but is now in great danger.

How come ?



I wonder how Putin would lead today if he was taught emotional and social intelligence at school. How would he lead today if consultants and peers told him about the necessity of self-reflection twenty years ago ?

And how would the transportation- and logistics industry operate today if they had the same creativity and open mindedness that Google nourishes ?

The two missing links in updating any leadership style or industry are emotional and social intelligence. If you’ve never heard of these words : congratulations, you are not alone. (Remember : ‘The more you learn, the more you earn’ – Warren Buffet.)

Emotional and social skills like creativity and open mindedness are only possible if these kinds of intelligence are stimulated and developed. Our solution The Impact Program is designed to help you, your team and company do this in a way that is 100 % more effective than most other ‘elite’ solutions, read more about it here.

Wishing you secure and lasting impact,


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